The Fantastical Creatures Tarot
a TOP 10 tarot deck of 2007
by D.J. Conway & Lisa Hunt

Mythical beings have been around as long as there have been humans inhabiting the Earth. Stories of their magical and spiritual powers have existed for thousands of years. The images of some of these fabulous entities were placed in temples, sacred places, and, in miniature, on home altars, where they were expected to act as protectors, guides and spiritual counselors. ~ D.J. Conway

The initial printing from U. S. Games is a Premier tarot edtion in large 4.625" x 7.25" packaging, with instruction booklet and a bonus full color custom 18"x20" spread sheet painted by Lisa Hunt.

U. S. Games has received the first shipment from the printer and is selling it on their website. Visit the NEWS page for more information. Other distributors have Fantastical Creatures in stock as well. It is in a few categories on Amazon -- here is a link to the main listing in the "Books" department.


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